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Spanish: Just Take It Easy

For English speakers considering learning a second language, Spanish is a great choice as it is one of the easiest languages to learn. Unlike tougher languages such as Mandarin, Russian, or Icelandic, Spanish is the tongue to consider if you want fast results. Although it presents obstacles, language experts consider it the most versatile and least challenging language to learn. So if you want a second language, a Spanish course is a great option.

Remarkable similarities to English

One of the key advantages of learning Spanish is the sentence structure and grammar. Whilst not the same as English, it is remarkably similar. No language matches the sentence structure of English exactly but Spanish is as close as you might get to it.

Knowing Spanish will also be a huge help if you later choose to learn Italian, French and Portuguese.

You’ll be in good company

Spanish is also wide-reaching with around 420 million native speakers throughout the world. Spanish speaking countries include Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic to name a few. Speaking Spanish, therefore, opens up several opportunities for the traveller . Without Spanish, you might be unable to venture into the heart of Spanish speaking nations, where English is barely spoken.

Improve your employability

If you have a second language skill, it will be great for business. Employers take a favourable view of bilinguals. So make it easy on yourself and impress them with a second language that takes only a little effort to acquire.


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